Night Pennants finish on a high

Section 5 Highton 1: Anthony Eyles, Sara Chol and Martin Costello. (pictures supplied)

It was a big week for Tennis Geelong’s Summer Night Pennants with Triples finishing on Thursday before Women’s Doubles wrapped up on Monday.

In Triples, Section 2 was up for grabs with Moolap’s Zing Kings and Ace Ace Baby both posting wins over the other during home and away and only one point separating them on the ladder.

The Kings started well with Bradley Canny and Joshua Simic taking the first doubles and Jackson Maddison getting over the line in a tie-break in the singles. Things were just getting started in the second doubles when Daniel Payne sustained an injury at one-all, forcing him to retire and unable to play his remaining sets. Simic took the second singles for Moolap giving the team the win.

Moolap didn’t fare quite as well in Section 3 when the Goats were hosted by All Saints. Both teams had posted good wins over the other through the season and only percentage separated them at the end. Riley Warren and James Dat started well for All Saints winning the first doubles 6-2 while Michael McKenzie countered for Moolap taking the singles 6-4.

Warren was victorious again in the second doubles with Zane Garbellini 6-4, while Dat won the singles 6-4, giving the Saints a 3-1 lead.

Riley Kotwic posted a win for Moolap in the third singles in a tie-break, but Garbellini teamed with Jack Radman won the final doubles 6-3 sealing the win for All Saints four sets to two.

LOBsters went into the Section 4 final favourites against Grovedale’s Four Posts having posted two wins against them during the season and snatching the minor premiership from them in the final round. While the set scores were close, LOBsters won the first five sets of the night to give them a comfortable victory, with Kien Wong and Jack Salajan winning their three sets for the night.

Highton were also comfortable winners in Section 5, when they took their match five sets to one against Grovedale’s Hall of Framers. Anthony Eyles and Martin Costello both won their three sets while Sara Chol narrowly missed her third going down in a tie-break.

Leopold’s Nerd Herd mimicked LOBsters in Section 6, overtaking Coco Bewares in the final match to finish minor premiers, and posting a 5-1 in the final. Brad Pearson and Liam Thompson were the standouts winning their three sets.

The closest match of the night was in Section 7 where Serving the Net hosted Wandana Heights Strung Out. The match was evenly poised with teams tied at two sets after the first two rounds with the Net with a four-game advantage. Mitch Bruns and Tom Breed won the final doubles for Serving the Net 6-4 and when Blake Dye held out to get four games in his singles, the difference was enough to get Serving the Net over the line and the premiership.

Monday night Women’s Doubles saw newcomers Lara take on last Spring season runner-up Western Warriors in cold conditions. The Warriors started well with Jenny Hurst and Joanna Harriott winning the first set 8-2, but Lara’s Ashleigh Hughes and Wendy Caddy levelled the match winning the second 8-2. Lara proved too strong in the remaining sets with Hughes and Briane Doolan winning the third 8-4 while Caddy and Kristy Woodcock sealed the win taking the final set 8-0.

With the Summer seasons complete, players can enjoy a break until the start of the next season – for Triples nominations are open for the season starting June 13 while Women’s are on break until September.