Kayak anglers reaping the rewards

Gone Fishing Charters with a haul of gummy sharks. (supplied)

The Grammar School Lagoon continues to offer some great fishing this past week with kayak anglers getting amongst the action with pinky snapper, silver trevally, salmon and flathead.

Again, soft plastics are proving to be lethal at the moment. As mentioned the grammar school offers great access to smaller boats, kayaks and land based anglers trying to escape the wind if it gets high.

The Geelong waterfront is worth putting some attention to at the moment also with a few reports of pinky snapper caught and at times Australian salmon have been sighted busting the surface. As per usual the soft plastics are standing out with small baitfish profile plastics working best to resemble the small bait in the area.

The Bellarine Peninsula continues to offer some good King George whiting fishing with Clifton Springs the hot spot with 5 to 7 metres proving to be the most productive depth. Burley definitely goes a long way when chasing them in the bay and the best for that is pilchards diced into cubes and put to the bottom in a metal burley cage.

Throwing a pellet burley helps. Baits like pipi and squid while fishing a fast-moving tide are all the factors you want when chasing them.

Gummy shark reports offshore continue to roll in with Gone Fishing Charters again being right in the middle of the action with the boat constantly landing numerous sharks a session. The 30 metre line is a super reliable area to hunt these tasty critters and with fresh blood baits deployed you’re in for a great shot.

The beaches across the Surf Coast have been a popular nighttime land-based option to those after a gummy, pinky or salmon. Bait fishing with squid or salmon are by far your best baits when chasing the gummies or something bigger and for the salmon it’s hard to go past blue bait. Both rigged on a Paternoster rig.

WurdiBuloc Reservoir has continued to fish well for brown trout to the keen angler getting up early in the cold and fishing the main rock wall with shallow diving jerkbaits. It ain’t easy getting up that early in the cold but with patience the rewards are certainty there.