Busking like they mean it


OCEAN Grove teenager Noah Hodgson and his band “The Last Man on the Moon” are getting excited for this month’s Bellarine Busking Competition.
“It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this,” said the Christian College student.
“We are just keen to get out there and play.”
Noah sings and plays lead guitar for the band, and is joined by fellow local secondary students Ben Scott on bass and Heath Robertson on drums.
“Myself and Ben have been family friends forever and we’ve known Heath for ages,” Noah said.
“We just thought we’d throw the band together.”
Each of the band members has played for different groups, but Noah said he enjoyed playing with his friends most.
They’ve written several original songs together and Noah described the band’s sound as “somewhere between the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys”.
Like many musicians their age, they’re looking to record their first EP. Noah said the competition could be a good step.
“I just love the feeling of being up there playing in front of people,” he said.
“Especially my music – it’s the experience of sharing it with other people.”
Noah is hoping to study a Bachelor of Music after he finishes Year 12 and dreams of entering the music industry one day.
“I’m not sure where but just somewhere in the industry is what I want,” he said.
The Bellarine Busking Competition begins at 9am on 13 March at the Point Lonsdale Bowling Club.