Staircase access to surfing spot

Carolyn Jackson from DELWP which contributed $90,000 for the project and Lisa Neville at the opening of the steps at Thirteenth Beach.

By Justin Flynn

A new timber staircase and viewing platform have been built at Thirteenth Beach, giving beachgoers direct access to the popular surfing spot.
Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville officially opened the $98,000 structure that replaces a staircase washed away by a storm in 2015.
“This project highlights how the Victorian Government is working with local committees of management to address the impacts of coastal erosion and provide better coastal infrastructure for a growing community,” Ms Neville said
“The staircase and viewing platform will be a valuable asset to the community, and to the many tourists that visit Thirteenth Beach every year. It’s important that we invest in making our coastline accessible, as it’s essential there are safe and reliable entry points for beach-goers.”
Geelong architects Baade Harbour Australia designed the new staircase to better withstand the impacts of storm events.
Reinforced hardwood piles at the base of the staircase have been driven into the sand at a depth of four metres below beach level, providing improved stability.
Treated pine has been used to be durable in the harsh weather conditions.
After the 2015 storm, the staircase could not be rebuilt in the same location due to damage to the sand dunes. The new site, 50 metres from the original location, was chosen following extensive geomorphologic and environmental assessments.
A walkway has been built to connect the new location of the staircase to the beach car park, creating a safer separation of pedestrians and traffic.
The viewing platform, which is positioned at road level for all-abilities access, provides a vantage point to take in stunning views along the coast.
Surfers can now easily check the conditions at Cylinders Break, one of the most popular surfing locations on the surf coast.
The staircase features seven flights of stairs and a total of 90 steps, with the vertical height from beach to top deck being more than 16 metres.
The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) provided $90,000 for the Barwon Coast Committee of Management to carry out the works.
The Barwon Coast Committee of Management contributed $8000 to the project.