2nd Oar aptly fills the void

Deanne Sellars has launched The 2nd Oar.

Deanne Sellars has launched a new online dating service specifically for mature aged people in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.
The 2nd Oar is a personalised dating service being offered to people over the age of 35 who are single and living in the Geelong and Bellarine region.
“Before I launched the business, I ran some focus groups and met with lots of mature age single locals to find out how things were going for them in the dating scene,” Deanne, from Ocean Grove, said.
“I quickly discovered that many of them, particularly women, were not enjoying online dating. They were juggling children and/or careers and were sick of making time for dates that weren’t looking for the same thing. They were wanting someone local that they knew was a good person and looking for companionship.”
Deanne says she will work closely with clients over a six-month journey, to ascertain what exactly they are looking for in an ideal partner, and then attempt to source their ideal match. The 2nd Oar is about building confidence, gaining insight, having fun and potentially finding love.
The 2nd Oar aims to address some of these issues:
* SAFETY: A police check is an integral part of The 2nd Oar approach
* LOCAL: Will focus primarily on the Geelong and Bellarine region
* SAVE TIME: Conducts the search and screening of potential matches
* INSIGHT: Provide constructive feedback postdates
* CLARITY: Assist clients with clarifying what they are seeking in a long-term partner
* INTERESTING CONTENT: Provide valuable content to single mature-aged people on the topic of dating and love
* SUPPORT: Support people through the entire process, strengthening confidence
To find out more, go to secondoar.com.au/ or search for The 2nd Oar on Facebook.