Michael Lawrence – Independent

Corangamite counts down
I ASKED myself after three weeks of this election campaign what’s going to change the ‘opposition for oppositions sake’ culture of politics?
The black hats verse whites hats, bipolar political reactivity rather than assessing the merits of policy based on our nation interest and global obligations.
That question and the stifling bias of self-interest created by political donations from unions or corporations disenfranchise the public.
It’s undemocratic and must end if we are going to have government the leads and achieves. I also found myself politically marooned.
Like so many people l talk to, I want to decarbonise our economy and capitalise on the commercial opportunities it will create.
People know that business profits create tax revenue that pays for services from our first world government.
Not the other way around. Nether the Coalition, ALP or Greens have a practical human solution for those languishing in indefinite asylum.
These political parties are hamstrung by their own ideology and tribalism. 2000 asylum seekers can be relocated to UNHCR sanctioned refuges with the real hope of getting to a country other than Australia, and in exchange, Australia can take 20,000 refugees out of the same centres.
This could be done now. You and I know this. We need more independence of thought and less party inertia.