Stuart’s set to stomp it up

Stuart Somerville is getting ready for the Stadium Stomp at the MCG. 155520


STUART Somerville noticed the kilos starting to creep back on and decided that he needed a goal to get back into shape.
The 65-year-old Ocean Grover started walking and then realised he wanted to up the ante and registered for the Stadium Stomp MCG. The ‘stomp’ is a gruelling 7300-step stair-climbing event held at the iconic MCG and Stuart is ready for the challenge.
“I used to run a lot of marathons, probably 12 or 13, and was 67kg,” he said.
“I didn’t look after myself and then started walking every day with a good friend of mine – Steve Bentley. He said ‘why don’t you do the stomp’ and I realised I needed to set myself some goals so I entered.”
Stuart has been using the stairs at the lookout in Ocean Grove as his training base and is looking forward to the challenge.
“I needed a goal so it gives me something to train for,” he said. “I’m just going to do it at my own pace and if I do alright I might look at the Eureka.”
Stuart’s father is a sprightly 92 and he said he wanted to be around as long as him.
“He still plays golf and you wouldn’t know he was 92,” he said.
“For me it’s about mental happiness as well. If you are physically well, the chances of being mentally well are increased.”
The Stadium Stomp is now in its fourth year and supports the Leukaemia Foundation, and participants will climb up, down and around the bays of the MCG on a course set to music that is expected to take anywhere from 40 to 120 minutes to complete depending on the fitness level of each participant.
The full course will comprise of a lap of level one and a lap of level four before running a full lap of the oval to finish. There is also a half course option – a lap of level one and the lap of the oval.
The event is on Sunday 26 June and to donate, head to