CCTV election pledge

Ty Simons and Helen Butteriss from the Ocean Grove Business Association, Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson and Cleo Fine Jewellery owners Andrew and Donna Nicolls. 155458_01


LOCAL traders may have finally won their battle for CCTV in The Terrace, with Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson making an election promise for new cameras.
Ms Henderson announced the $60,000 commitment on 11 June at Cleo Fine Jewellery, which was targeted by burglars last year.
She praised Ocean Grove Business Association (OGBA) for its advocacy and application for funding and said she had “hammered” Justice Minister Michael Keenan for the money.
“We need to make sure a Turnbull Government will commit this money regardless of whether the application succeeds,” she said.
“CCTV can play a vital role in not only deterring crime, but helping police catch offenders.”
OGBA president Ty Simons said footage from a shopfront in The Terrace had helped police arrest a suspect from the most recent spate of burglaries.
“People feel will feel safer knowing that someone is watching them,” he said.
“CCTV is a good deterrent for thieves who have been making us a bit of target lately. It’s been too easy for people to come from out of town and take what they like.”
Mr Simons welcomed the announcement, after previous applications for CCTV to the State Government had gone unanswered.
“We have put in a lot of hard work and it’s been frustrating,” he said.
“The number of burglaries this year has been astronomical.”
Cleo Fine Jewellery owner Andrew Nicolls said he would feel safer with CCTV in The Terrace.
Burglars broke into his store last year and he had spent four weeks staying up until 4am to guard it, he said.
“We believe (CCTV) is a deterrent but anything is better than nothing.”
The pledge could decide the fate of the nation too, with Corangamite being one the most marginal seats in the last two elections.
OGBA applied for CCTV cameras through the Coalition’s Safer Communities Fund this year.
A source said the application was likely to be rejected, but confirmed Ocean Grove would receive $60,000 for CCTV regardless of the outcome.
Ms Henderson also pledged $60,000 for CCTV in Barwon Heads.
The Voice is seeking comment from ALP candidate Libby Coker.