Dropping the paddle for trivia

Linda, Larissa, Andy, Dayle, Jenna and Michael. (Supplied)

Ocean Grove Pickleball Club players put down the ball and paddle to test their minds during a trivia night last week.

The club hosted the event at one of its newly acquired clubrooms on Friday, February 2, for a night of trivia, guessing games, music, car quizzes and singing competitions.

President Terry Kealey said the event was a great time to meet up with other regional pickleball clubs.

“It’s getting so big that it’s becoming a community, so when you run a trivia night, it’s good to get people from out of town coming in as well,” he said.

“The night itself was great. We had a combination of trivia questions and performances of people singing songs. It was a series of activities mixed in with the trivia.

“We had a section where there were cover songs, so we had questions about who the original artist and cover was and then we made each table perform a segment of a cover song.”

Mr Kealey said the night ran for three hours and was attended by more than 100 people who enjoyed many activities, like a raffle that raised close to $600 for the Leopold Pickleball Club.

“Ocean Grove started Leopold up and now it’s at the point where Leopold is going to branch off, and one of the things that they need is equipment,” he said.

“It was great to see the interaction between the various pickleball communities and the fun, laughter and great time people were having.

“The highlight of the night was the singing which was very funny, and everyone got into the spirit.”