Denis O’Bryan

Denis O'Bryan


As a councillor, I am accountable to you. I take your voice to council. I fight for your rights. I provide you feedback. This is my promise to you.
I explain what council plans and schemes mean to you, and you tell me if you want them changed. If council laws are unfair, tell me. They can be changed because you own this council. Council is your servant.
Were you consulted about the high growth rate, and the huge debt it costs council? Is this what we really want for our area?
Let’s restore People-Power and make your life simpler and enjoyable.
Let’s keep Bellarine beautiful. Together, let’s make Bellarine more productive, more prosperous, more people friendly, healthier, safer.
As the nature and leisure heart of CoGG, Bellarine needs a strong voice against over-development and in favour of ecological sustainability.
I hear you. Voting for me is your best chance to achieve your genuine People-Power requests:
* Hard rubbish collection and tip vouchers.
* Re-open the saleyards in better area with better operating model.
* Re-open Portarlington pool, then build a better one.
* Heated pool Drysdale-Clifton Springs.
* Stop the Jetty Road-closure nonsense, and redo it properly.
* Better road management.
* Better mosquito protection.
* Seriously question administrators’ high debt program.
* Bigger site for St Leonards CFA.
* Regular minimum $1 million capital improvements per year in each Bellarine town.
* Council budget spread fairly – Bellarine should get a quarter.
* Integrated bike path plan and funding.
* Portarlington mini-rail tracks funding.
* Facilitate more and better businesses and more employment.

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