90 years young

Magda Lowey is loving life as a 90-year-old. 167889

By Justin Flynn

Magda Lowey has just turned 90 and loves her life more each day.
Magda has lived in Ocean Grove for 39 years after being born in Thessaloniki (Salonica), Greece, and then spending nine years in London. She is a member of the RSL, Legacy, two Probus clubs and the Bellarine Aquatic Centre, where she works out three to four times a week.
“It’s been one big celebration – so many telephone calls, so many presents, but the best present of all is the love people have given to me,” Magda said.
“Material things are not important when you are surrounded by so much love.”
Magda has been overwhelmed with the support she has received from the Ocean Grove community.
“I went in get my hair done (at Salon Utupia) and went to pay and she said ‘no, no, it’s free – happy birthday’. It would have been at least $80. Just those sorts of things – I’m very lucky,” she said.
Magda loves Ocean Grove.
“I’m very happy in Ocean Grove – you can do so much,” she said.
“I love people, I love children and I love life – I’m a positive person. Life to me is what you make of it. You can isolate yourself or you can get out there and do something. As long as your head is right, you are a winner.”
So what’s the secret to Magda’s long and happy life?
“Believe in yourself and be positive,” she said.
“And if you can’t be happy with ‘A’, be happy with ‘B’. Enjoy it. I don’t judge anybody, and as far as I’m concerned you can live your life the way you want to.”