Something good happens when these ‘legends’ gather

Ian Duckworth thanks good mates Stephen 'Chooka' Piec and Graham 'Boonga' McLean for helping out with Beyondblue with the 'Surfing Legends' enjoying the occasion. 167971

By Justin Flynn

A group of close-knit mates has helped raise $825 for Beyondblue in the form of a Baby Boomers reunion, held at Easter.
The self-proclaimed and tongue-in-cheek ‘Surfing Legends’, who meet at Endless Summer regularly, organised the event for Baby Boomers to reconnect with each other. Around 150 people attending the event at the Shell Road pavilion at Easter.
Group members Stephen ‘Chooka’ Piec and Graham ‘Boonga’ McLean presold about 100 tickets, but were blown away when about 50 people turned up on the day.
The group describes itself as a Men’s Shed where ordinary everyday local blokes go to talk and support each other.
Chooka and Boonga stepped in to help out group member Ian Duckworth, who fell ill. Ian was also involved in organising the event, and it’s not the first time his two mates have helped out.
“They have both filled the breach a couple of times as organisers for Beyond Blue,” he said.
“The first time was the launching of my book ‘Ocean Grove Surfing in the Sixties’. I was out of action for about six weeks and they did everything from organising the reunion, collecting money and selling wristbands.”
The book has sold more than 300 copies and has raised around $3500 for Beyondblue.
“It would never have happened if Chooka and Boonga hadn’t picked up the baton and ran with it.”
Copies of Ian’s book are available from Endless Summer Cafe, Strapper Surf and Bookgrove and sell for $20.