Magical memoirs, a good read

Local author Alan Cobham with his book 'Magic Moments'. 157578


Ocean Grover Alan Cobham decided to put his innermost thoughts into a book, and now has the finished product to share.
Alan’s book, ‘Magic Moments’ is a memoir of his childhood memories, his first and only romance, children and even his ‘death’.
He decided to cobble together a collection of his memories including a section on nicknames. Alan’s nickname is ‘Bassa’ or ‘Bass’ because someone decided he looked like a basset hound.
“Well, I have to admit that I’ve got droopy eyelids, bleary eyes, sagging bags under the eyes, and ghastly large, pendulous ear lobes, but at least I’ve got long legs!,” he said.
Alan said it took three months to finish the book, and it was 20 years in the making.
“It takes so long…you keep going back, taking bits out, adding bits in,” he said.
“I didn’t realise how much was involved.”
The book is a light-hearted look at life and includes a few ‘tall stories’.
During the 128 pages of ‘Magic Moments’, Alan shares photos, emails, reveals intimate secrets about relationships and stories on names and nicknames, all with a self-effacing humour.
‘Magic Moments’ is available from Bookgrove on The Terrace, Ocean Grove.