Flying Brick on 10-day Variety Bash

David Sharpe with a pint of Farmgate cider and the Variety Bash Car. 157476

The ‘Flying Brick’ is ready for action.
The iconic cider house in Wallington will be represented in the 26th Variety Bash, which began last week and finishes on the weekend.
The ‘Flying Brick’ is an original 1977 HX Holden Statesman Deville, and it will attempt to travel more than 4000km in 10 days, from Melbourne to Darwin, to raise money for children with special needs.
The Flying Brick Cider Co Variety Bash crew of car 5050 comprises David ‘Flyde’ Sharp, Peter ‘Tarna’ Sharp and Jock ‘Travers’ Whiting. The annual event raises money for Variety – the Children’s Charity which supports children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. This is the third time Flying Brick Cider Co has participated in the Variety Bash but already this year, they have managed to raise more than $20,000 for children in Victoria.
The mighty ‘Brick’ crew departed on the 2016 Variety Bash from Melbourne on Wednesday August 10 along with other entrants and event officials for a 10-day fun-filled adventure heading north and travel through some of Australia’s most spectacular outback country before finishing in Darwin on Saturday.
Director of Flying Brick Cider Co, David Sharp, said participating in the Variety Bash was something he had always wanted to do and having now done it twice, he was hooked.
“The ‘bash’ combines adventure, spending time with old friends – we all grew up in Branxholme, near Hamilton – and raising money for a great cause,” he said before departing.
“I’m really looking forward to it – there are always a lot of funny stories along the way and we are expecting there will be a lot more on this trip – we are a pretty motley crew.”
The Flying Brick car is an original 1977 HX Holden Statesman Deville.
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