How does your garden grow?

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Carole Levy

Ask a passionate gardener how they get the best vegie crop and their answer is likely to be, “Add sheep poo to the soil.”

Why? Because sheep manure is a natural slow-release fertiliser, high in both phosphorus and potassium which are essential elements for optimal plant growth.

It happens that Baa Baa Mulched Sheep Manure in Ocean Grove is awash with sheep poo – but in the best possible way. Owner John explains the workings of his business and the philosophy behind it.

“The mulched manure we produce is high quality. We researched the best way to produce dry, aged sheep manure, and the right vacuum and the best machine to use,” John says.

“This has resulted in some very happy customers who tell us how well their vegies and fruit trees have grown using our nutrient-rich product. Roses are also particularly fond of a dose of sheep poo.

“One of our customers was so impressed with the quality of the manure that he bought 30 bags of it to give to a friend who was working on their garden during pandemic restrictions. It might seem a strange gift but I reckon it’s one that any green thumb would love to get.”

Sustainability and looking after the land has always been important to John. He was originally a farmer in the Southern Riverina, then owned a large-scale landscaping and mowing company for 10 years.

After returning to the local area to be nearer family, John saw that Baa Baa, as a small sustainable industry, would suit his life approach on many levels.

“I find it rewarding to work with people who love their gardens and want to use a good organic product, look after the soil and reap a good harvest,” he says. “It’s also great knowing that we help the farmers with cleaning their woolsheds. It’s a very circular industry –sustainable and satisfying.

“It’s also great to meet our lovely customers. Sally, who works with me – admin and woolshed visits – agrees. And it’s mostly outdoor work – what’s not to love?”

John also enjoys being part of the community that believes strongly in the importance of sustainability. Looking ahead, he hopes to employ more like-minded locals, as well as research, develop and produce other sustainable products.

Take note: John offers free delivery for orders of five bags or more.

Baa Baa Mulched Sheep Manure,
 Ocean Grove.

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