Nutrition for kids

Sarah Appleford and son Jack.

Need to boost your child’s concentration?

Want to convert them into vegetable lovers? Discover if the foods they are eating are impacting their health?

Ocean Grove children’s nutritionist Sarah Appleford is passionate about helping little people achieve optimum health, while guiding parents through the confusing and frustrating world of healthy eating.

“Educating your child about the power of food is one of life’s great gifts,” explains Sarah.

“Childhood development only happens once, and nutrition plays a powerful role.

“We can have a huge impact by fostering a healthy lifestyle and positive eating behaviours.”

One in four Australian children aged two to 17 were overweight or obese in 2017/18, potentially leading to a multitude of chronic problems.

“Lets’ get back to basics by using food to support our children’s development,” Sarah says.

“Let’s heal them from the inside so they can thrive.”

Sarah is available for in-person consultations every Wednesday at SCY 247, or any other time online.To find out more, see

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