A Graders back on track

Amy Collihole in action in D Grade. (Mark Heenan Media) 181408

By Meg Badrock

Round 8 vs Drysdale

A Grade (58 defeated Drysdale 23)

The girls were back in fine form, with a number of changes meaning that Drysdale had to compete against a full Ocean Grove side. Dannie Hoiles was ruthless in attack despite an injured hand and Michelle Williams created countless turnovers down the defensive end.

Best: Dannie Hoiles, Michelle Williams, Elyse Howard

B Grade (56 defeated Drysdale 24)

Was good to see the girls get their mojo back following the bye, with a convincing win over Drysdale. Alyse O’Keefe was vital through the centre court and Jesse Sutton stepped up well into her new B Grade role.

Best: Alyse O’Keefe, Izzy Hackett, Jesse Sutton

C Grade (25 defeated by Drysdale 37)

A tight game throughout all quarters, with Drysdale increasing its lead towards the end of the match.

Best: Izzy Teague, Kellie Morrish, Sharni Thebes

D Grade (35 defeated Drysdale 17)

It was a competitive start to the game, but the girls soon took control to claim another win.

Best: Tarryn Stanley, Amina King, Shereen Wolfe

E Grade (28 defeated Drysdale 3)

Another easy win for the girls, who managed to keep the Drysdale side to only three goals throughout the entirety of the match.

Best: Sam Caine, Jenny Turner, Alex Gadsden

U19s (13 defeated by Drysdale 30)

An unfortunate loss for the girls who continue to work hard both on court and at training sessions.

Best: Bree Abel, Gemma Bell, Coco Fraser