Family fun in whites

Cody, Chris and Cindel McSween became the first father, son and daughter combination to play in the same cricket team for Barwon Heads. (supplied)

When Chris McSween had the opportunity to play a game of cricket for Barwon Heads C grade with his son Cody and his daughter Cindel, they all jumped at the chance.

Chris has played for many years for Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and Little River while Cody had played juniors at Barwon Heads and started playing senior cricket again after Christmas.

When Ocean Grove was unable to field a women’s team, which plays on Sundays, this season, Cindel moved to Barwon Heads and on Saturday, in a club history first, father, son and daughter all played in the same side.

“When they can, they put the father-sons together in C Grade and Cindel works on Saturdays at the Queenscliff Golf Club and this was the first weekend she had off, so we all got to play together,” Chris said.

The game is a two-day affair against St Leonards, but Chris is only available for week one, meaning he won’t be there when the team fields this week.

The Heads batted first and the scoresheet reveals something rather interesting.

C. McSween was batting at numbers 7, 8 and 9, but only Cody got to bat as the Seagulls made 203 for the loss of five wickets.

“It would have been nice to take to the field together, but it was just something that we thought it would be good to all play together,” Chris said.

“Codes was the only one of us to get a hit. He went out there in the last over of the day, Cindel was padded up ready to go.”

Cindel opens the bowling for the Seagulls’ A Grade women’s team and the trio haven’t ruled out playing together again.

“He’s (Cody) keen now so we’ll probably do a preseason and play a few more games and get a few with Cindel as well.”

It came just a week after Armstrong Creek C Grade captain Tim Hester played with his 19-year-old son Blake and 14-year-old daughter Remi in what is believed to be a Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association first.