Snapper on the chew in the bay

The Independent's On the Bite fishing columnist Peri Stavropoulos with a snapper. (supplied)

Some improvement in the weather has allowed anglers a good opportunity to venture out for a fish during the weekend and get back to their favourite locations.

The bay has produced some great fishing with snapper on the chew and plenty of them.

Anglers have been finding fish spread right across the bay in various popular locations with fish to 6kg on offer. Peri Stavropoulos from Trellys Geelong fished alongside his father Michael Stavropoulos and good mate Josh Caruso with

the trio getting amongst a hot session of fish to 6kg.

Baits worked best for the boys with the fish taking a liking to pilchards, silver whiting, sauries and squid.

Closer in has still seen some nice King George whiting on offer and again anglers fishing the stronger tides of an evening has been by far the most productive.

Garfish have been on a few anglers’ minds this past week with point henry seeming to be the most productive area. Anglers anchoring up in shallow water with a strong trail have had the gars all around the boat, small baits under a pencil float are the best bet to get a few in the boat.

The offshore tuna bite has really improved this past week with great numbers of fish being landed and at a much better average size compared to the last few weeks. The 45 metre line has been seeing the majority of the action with diving hard body lures proving lethal. The famous Halco King Brown as expected has been a standout lure. At times the fish will be sighted on the top and casting stickbaits or poppers is by far the most effective and exciting way to target them.

Kingfish have also been on the radar for anglers with still a few being landed. Knife jigs and squid strips have been most effective.

Queenscliff Harbour has had some good fishing this week especially if you’re in a kayak or small boat. Casting soft plastics around the boat hulls and structure has been working well getting bites from silver trevally, pinky Snapper and salmon. 4” Turtle back worms and 2.5” grubs are both favourites for this area, with the Z-Mans Scent definitely makes a huge difference.