Undermanned Grubbers get the job done

Charlotte Heenan somehow keeps the ball in play in the 17 & Under Division 2 clash. (pictures Lousia Jones) 412162_21

Ocean Grove withstood a determined Portarlington and injuries to key players to record a six-goal win in round 10 on Saturday June 8.

Regular stars Zanna Woods, Georgia Ryan and Jessica Leader missed the match and Georgia Berry was on limited minutes after only just recovering from a bout of COVID.

It meant Ocean Grove fielded an inexperienced attack with Arlee Bennett and Kimberley Hart in goal. Hart played a full game in B Grade where she scored 26 goals and followed up with another four quarters and 27 goals in A Grade.

“I feel like Kim and I work a lot at training together so it was good that we could play four quarters together,” Bennett said.

“We’re both quite young, so working to our strengths was a big thing that we focused on this week. And Kim has a really good hold in the ring, so trying to leave her open in the ring was one of our main focuses, especially with the shorter Portarlington defenders.”

Bennett, who has just turned 19, said she has learned a lot from playing with Woods this season. Woods rolled her ankle during the week, ruling her out of the clash.

“She’s so good to play with,” Bennett said.

“She’s very strong within the ring. Trying to move to free her up is also something that we work to do as well. She sets everything up so well, even if it’s not for her, she sets up everyone else and opens up the court.”

Portarlington came to play on Saturday and jumped out to a handy early lead, but the Grubbers were able to steady and then hold on to win 40 to 34.

“We were down by, I think, five or six in the first quarter and we really pulled it together in the second and third and then they started coming back a little bit in the last, but we held on,” Bennett said.

“I think we’re all trying to work really hard trying to get fit and hopefully have a crack at that towards the end of the season in finals.

“I think we’re definitely building up to that. We’ve had some tougher games with people out and injured, there’s people sick, people who have got to work, so being able to work as a whole group – there’s eleven of us so everyone is stepping up when they need to.”

Ocean Grove faces another test this weekend when it travels to Queenscliff, which is in third spot on the ladder.


Ocean Grove 40 def Portarlington 34. Best: Ocean Grove – Kimberley Hart, Courtney Leith, Arlee Bennett. Portarlington – Madison Robbins Hart, Laura Robinson, Mikayla Mevissen.

Barwon Heads 58 def Drysdale 34. Best: Barwon Heads – Maddie Okely, Krystal Baker, Dakota Cosson. Drysdale – Chloe Hobbs, Olivia Young, Aleisha Walters.

Geelong Amateur 78 def Queenscliff 58. Best: Geelong Amateur – Darcy McFarlane, Georgia Duncan, Keisha Guilmartin. Queenscliff – Kaitlin Gladman, Tess Orvis, Shaiden Smith.

Anglesea 63 def Modewarre 34. Best: Anglesea – Briana Walters, Isabelle Bartlett, Eliza Toohey. Modewarre – Monique Sefton, Grace Hunt, Keeley Cox.

Torquay 49 def Newcomb 45. Best: Torquay – Tessa Willett, Elisa Hall, Kiralee Collings. Newcomb – Chloe Hoyle, Jessica Duke, Maddie McFarlane.


Ocean Grove 47 def Portarlington 30. Best: Ocean Grove – Jesse Sutton, Shelby Hackett, Charlotte Vines. Portarlington – Jesse Hasell, Rori Addicoat, Madeline Casey.


Ocean Grove 34 def Portarlington 15. Best: Ocean Grove – Sofia Dickeson, Amelia Hallam, Remi Bennett. Portarlington – Marlee Hildebrand-Bull, Jordy Mcintyre, Jayde Fensling.


Ocean Grove 38 def Portarlington 21. Best: Ocean Grove – Mackenzie Griffin, Abbey Stanic, Giselle Dawson. Portarlington – Amelia Baker, Alex Natoli, Jordy Mcintyre.


Ocean Grove 27 def Portarlington 19. Best: Ocean Grove – Emilie Punton, Kylie Collett, Taryn Laverty. Portarlington – Taylah Condon, Megan Hillier, Hannah Pollard.

19 & UNDER

Ocean Grove 4 def by Portarlington 40. Best: Ocean Grove – Molly McLean, Tylah Foley, Georgie Collett. Portarlington – Lila Mustica, Chloe Zahl, Rori Addicoat.


Ocean Grove 32 def by Portarlington 35. Best: Ocean Grove – Emma Barry, Bree Sampson, Laura Ahearn. Portarlington – Poppy Hart, Annalena Hillier, Taiia Devlin.


Ocean Grove 18 def by Portarlington 22. Best: Ocean Grove – Bella Mawson, Liv Richardson, Olivia Grogan. Portarlington – Arleya Hillier, Emilia Evans, Trinity Palmer.


Ocean Grove 21 def Portarlington 20. Best: Ocean Grove – Lucy Neaves, Maci Dean, Alice Sampson. Portarlington – Lucy Jovanovic, Emilia Evans, Teyana Ihimaera-Smiler.


Ocean Grove 21 def Portarlington 20. Best: Ocean Grove – Tess Wolfe, Addison Fowler, Caitlin Parker. Portarlington – Emily Johnston, Isabella Hughes, Evie Carnaffan.


Ocean Grove 27 def Portarlington 14. Best: Ocean Grove – Ava Leske, Willow Stephenson, Allegra Aquilina. Portarlington – Tigi De Crespigny, Flynn McPherson, Milani Fleming.


Ocean Grove 31 def Portarlington 1. Best: Ocean Grove – Evie Davis, Daisy Coates. Portarlington – Maddy Davis, Tate Scutchings, Ella Eagle.