Undefeated sides to clash

Chloe Park and Anna Smith battle for the ball. 403493_20

Ocean Grove netball coach Mel Holmes will head back to Queens Park this weekend to take on her old side Geelong Amateur, which is holding a 10-year premiership reunion.

Holmes played in the 2014 A Grade premiership for Ammos, but will walk through the gates of her old home as coach of the opposition.

“I’m looking forward to the game itself,” she said.

“We’re looking forward to testing where we’re at. I’m probably more excited than nervous, but trying to keep it fairly low key. I’m sure it will, at the time, feel strange, but I think like everyone’s made me feel so welcome at Ocean Grove that I feel like I’m sort of part of it all now.

“And I didn’t leave (Ammos) on bad terms. It’s been a wonderful part of my life for 10 years so I’m going back with fond memories.”

Keisha Guilmartin and Sharon Ford are still playing from the 2014 premiership side, but Ammos will be without prolific goalshooter Ruby Watson, who will be at a wedding in Queensland.

“She’s a big option for them, but they’ve got a lot of good players,” Holmes said.

“They’re a team of 10 to 11 players that are all really capable.”

Ocean Grove and Geelong Amateur are the only two undefeated sides so far.

The Grubbers are coming off successive 10-goal wins against Barwon Heads and Modewarre.

“It was a good test, Modda have always been competitive and I think to their credit they played really well,” Holmes said.



Ocean Grove 56 def Modewarre 46. Best: Ocean Grove – Courtney Leith, Zanna Woods, Emily Moroney. Modewarre – Clodagh Newton, Kathryn Vickers, Monique Sefton.

Portarlington 49 def Drysdale 47. Best: Portarlington – Mikayla Mevissen, Morgan van Leerdam, Madison Robbins Hart. Drysdale – Chloe Hobbs, Aleisha Walters, Caitlin Munday.

Geelong Amateur 57 def Barwon Heads 23. Best: Geelong Amateur – Sharon Ford, Zoey Shaw, Darcy McFarlane. Barwon Heads – Issey Armstrong, Chelsea Baker, Perri Jones.

Queenscliff 53 def Newcomb 52. Best: Queenscliff – Amelia Bakker, Kaitlin Gladman, Keely Kinsey. Newcomb – Jessica Duke, Carly Sanders, Chloe Hoyle.

Torquay 63 def Anglesea 45. Best: Torquay – Rhian Moresi, Taylor Mitvalsky, Tessa Willett. Angelsea – Bree Caldwell, Claudia Callagher, Breda O’Kane.


Ocean Grove 79 def Modewarre 25. Best: Ocean Grove – Jessica Thwaites, Emily Quinten, Isabel Hackett. Modewarre – Tania Redpath, Piper Mensch, Courtney Trigg.


Ocean Grove 38 def Modewarre 27. Best: Ocean Grove – Sofia Dickeson, Remi Bennett, Kellie Morrish. Modewarre – Jessica Carpenter, Jordyn Quilliam, Tiarna Quilliam.


Ocean Grove 40 def Modewarre 24. Best: Ocean Grove – Meg Bedendo, Abbey Stanic, Giselle Dawson. Modewarre – Tamsyn Duncan, Hannah Rounds, Georgia Atherton.


Ocean Grove 39 def Modewarre 19. Best: Ocean Grove – Sabella Maier, Charlise Duckett, Emilie Punton. Modewarre – Emma Potter, Hayley Dummett, Breanna Broughton.


Ocean Grove 28 def by Modewarre 37. Best: Ocean Grove – Evie Hines, Tilly Peace-Teague, Alice Molloy. Modewarre – Jorja Martinez, Ella Fields, Keely Griffiths.


Ocean Grove 35 def Modewarre 11. Best: Ocean Grove – Bree Sampson, Emma Barry, Abhi Sanjeev. Modewarre – Zali Stiles, Indiana Chealuck, Grace Oakley.


Ocean Grove bye


Ocean Grove 29 def Modewarre 19. Best: Ocean Grove – Sammi Needham, Amber Pallero, Alexandra Norgard. Modewarre – Lily Drayton, Isla Stokes, Zoe Toull.


Ocean Grove 35 def Modewarre 11. Best: Ocean Grove – Olivia Power, Lara Forward, Estella Sorace. Modewarre – Frida Collins, Charlotte Luttrell, Saskia Kamp.


Ocean Grove 23 def Modewarre 13. Best: Ocean Grove – Alana Farrow, Tayte McKenzie, Abharna Sanjeev. Modewarre – Mackenzie Foot, Isla Button, Ayva Brady.


Ocean Grove 26 def Modewarre 5. Best: Ocean Grove – Matilda Kerr, Chloe Davies, Daisy Coates. Modewarre – Paige Rayward, Grace Roberts, Eve O’Connor.