Glory days of sun, sand and surf

Ocean Grove Surfing in the Sixties. 168788

Ocean Grove has always had a strong surfing culture.
You’ll find the highly entertaining book, ’Ocean Grove Surfing in the Sixties’ recalling the good old days.
From surf shops, Skinners Corner Store, kiosks at the beach and all the stories from the people who made surfing in Ocean Grove in the 1960s, this book has it all.
Particularly interesting are the multitude of photographs from the ’60s – yes, the beach was crowded in summer back then, too.
Chapter 20 focuses on ’Surfing girls of the Grove’ and explains: “The girls I grew up with in the Grove were great, not pretentious, same as the guys, they came from good working class families and just wanted to have fun, and fun they had”.
Compiled by local surfer Ian Duckworth, the book says it was “written by everyone who wrote in it”.
It’s a must have for any Grover who is keen on surfing and even non-surfers will find it highly enjoyable.
Ocean Grove Surfing in the Sixties costs $20 and is available at Endless Summer Cafe, Driftwood Cafe, Strapper Surf and BookGrove. Sales go to Beyondblue.