A mystery in every line



FOR Ocean Grove author Dorothy Johnston, writing plot twists is as mysterious for her as for her characters and readers.
“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” she told the Voice recently.
“So I have to write the book and find out!”
Dorothy’s newest novel, Through a Camel’s Eye, begins with two officers, Chris Blackie and Anthea Merritt, searching for a stolen camel in Queenscliff.
While investigating the absurd theft, the local constable and disgruntled Melburnian rookie stumble upon a murder.
They each confront their fears, a frustrating police command and “sea-change of one kind or another” to get the bottom of the mystery.
Dorothy loves getting to know her characters as she writes them.
“Deep inside a character is someone you’ve grown up with or have known quite well,” she said.
“I love making things up and seeing what happens. It’s like flying – there’s no experience like it.”
Dorothy grew up in Geelong and moved to Ocean Grove in 2008. She’s now written 10 mystery and literary novels.
Her work includes the Sandra Mahoney Mystery Quartet, set in Canberra, where she lived for 30 years.
One book in the series, The Trojan Dog, jointly won the ACT Book of Year Award. Dorothy’s also been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award for two of her novels.
Dorothy is holding a book launch for Through a Camel’s Eye at the Vue Grand Hotel in Queenscliff, at 4pm, on 23 March.
To RSVP email thebookshopatqueenscliff@gmail.com by 20 April.