Scholarly support

Surfside Primary: Graham Bath Junior Community Awards. 162391

EACH year at the Graham Bath Awards Rotary Ocean Grove invites the three primary schools in town to give Grade 6 pupils the opportunity to share in events such as attending a community meeting, volunteering, a cultural interview, attending an arts experience, sport and the like.
More than 50 children took part and some from each school related their experience recently to the Rotary Club.
A scholarship is awarded annually to a student in each of Year 11 and Year 12 at Bellarine Secondary College to a student selected by the college.
Ava Redman has completed Year 12 and is looking forward to studying fine arts, Nina Denham will enter Year 12 in 2017 and hopes to study music (cello) and the new student entering Year 11 is Charlotte Tilley.
Tiffany Shih from Taiwan is the current inbound student, lives in Taipei and is attending Bellarine Secondary. Tiffany described her home, her favourite foods, the transport system in Taipei and showed photos of her family and friends. When she finishes her study year, she will concentrate on learning Japanese.
Jacqui Honeywell from Barwon Heads is heading to Hanover in Germany and she is very excited to be given the opportunity of schooling in that country.