Friends run play cafe for kids

Tara Trott and Cai Balara. 155430

Tara Trott and Cai Balara say they’re living the dream at their kid-friendly cafe, Meerkat Manner Indoor Play and Cafe.
“Working with children is our favourite thing,” Cai says.
“It has been wonderful getting to know so many families in the local community.”
Cai and Tara recently celebrated 12 months running the business, after buying the cafe from “Let’em Loose” last year.
“We both adore working with children … so what better business to start than a place where we can live dreams on a daily basis,” Cai says.
Cai and Tara have known each other for three years and have a history of working with children.
Tara is a qualified art teacher with an extensive career in before and after school care, while Cai worked at an indoor play centre in her teens.
“Since that time I’ve dreamed of running a business such as Meerkat Manner,” Cai says.
“We can’t wait to see what the future holds.”