Report shows growth in the region

Northern and Western areas of Geelong are growing to meet the region’s future housing needs.

The City received the annual report on the progress of the growth areas spanning 5500 hectares from Lovely Banks to Fyansford during its meeting on Tuesday, February 27.

The report provided an update on the four Precinct Structure Plans (PSP), which featured Creamery Road, Elcho Road East, Elcho Road West, including Heales Road West, and Batesford North.

Mayor Trent Sullivan said an estimated 110,000 residents expected to call the growth areas home eventually and that much work had gone into the PSPs.

“Investigations and engagement with multiple stakeholders continues so that we can fully understand and respond to the complexities for each precinct,” he said.

“The precinct structure planning program is happening concurrently with securing federal environmental approvals.

“(This will help) to minimise the risk that the proposed conservation outcomes don’t align with regulations.”

Field surveys will be conducted across the growth areas following the rediscovered Victorian grassland earless dragon in a similar habitat, with studies expected to take several months.

A planning scheme amendment to implement the recommendations and changes to the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas framework plan is expected in 2025.

Technical work is also underway on a Geelong Growth Areas Transport and Services Strategy, including the design and cost of three bridges in the western growth area.

Councillor and City Planning and Heritage portfolio chair Jim Mason said he appreciated all the feedback provided by the community.

“Thanks to the insights of the community, the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas will eventually provide diverse housing options close to facilities and infrastructure,” he said.

More information about the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas is available at