Flippin’ out for fund-raiser

Surfside Primary School held a PJ and pancake day for the Evans family.

By Allie Hines and Abbey Evans (students Of S12)

Surfside Primary School had a pyjama/onesie day and a pancake breakfast. All money raised was donated to the Evans family, who sadly lost their house and all of their belongings in a fire.
Surfside Primary School has been doing their best to support the family at such a tragic time.
All ingredients for the pancakes were donated by the students in S12 and their families including eggs, flour, sugar, milk and toppings including maple syrup, jam, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, lemons and sprinkles. S12 made at least 30 batches of pancake batter in their kitchen time. Almost 700 pancakes were sold to students and families. The students and parents of S12 organised the pancake stall in the morning.
We were extremely proud to make $2600 and support a member of our class. This money will go towards helping the Evans family get back on their feet. Thank you to the Surfside Primary community for their support. We couldn’t have done it without you.