Dog attacks helpless seal

A tired baby seal on the beach. 159964 Pitcure: Barwon Coast

A helpless yearling seal was the victim of a dog attack at 7W beach in Ocean Grove.
Signage was installed along the access way and east and west of the seal. Being a yearling in poor condition, this animal was already compromised.
“It needed rest and understanding. Within the space of two hours, the animal was attacked by a dog,“ Barwon Coast’s Maddie Glynn said.
“Your dog may be well-trained, but many respond completely out of character when they find a seal, resulting in an unprovoked attack on the animal. It is an offence for your dog to harass charge, rush at, injure a person, or another animal, including our wildlife. Between August to April we will not only have seals on our beaches but also exhausted, stressed shearwaters, compromised penguins and hooded plovers trying to raise their chicks.”
To report a seal on the beach call the AGL Marine Response Unit on 1300 245 678.
To report people disregarding dog control laws, call the City of Greater Geelong 5272 5272.
To report a dog incident of a serious nature call the police on triple-zero.