Time for restraint in park?

One of the magpies that was chased by a dog, according to a reader,

An Ocean Grove resident is concerned about off-leash dogs terrorising local birdlife at Ocean Grove Park.

Danielle contacted the Voice, but did not want her full name published.

“As a bird lover, I am extremely concerned about the welfare of the birds in the park who choose to call this area their home,” she said.

“I have witnessed time and time again, irresponsible dog owners blatantly allowing their animals to chase after these birds, and let me tell you, some of these birds have been lucky enough to get away by the skin of their teeth.”

Danielle said she observed a person allowing their dog to chase a magpie to the point where it almost had the protected species of bird by the tail.

“I was absolutely horrified – the owner did nothing to try and stop this,” she said.

“The bird was lucky to get away with its life. This magpie isn’t going to forget this dog that harassed it – in fact, the bird is even more likely to swoop the dog in the future thanks to these careless owners letting their animals harass the magpies.

“Spring is just around the corner, and there are going to be a countless number of fledgling birds on the ground who are yet unable to fly.

“If the magpie swoops this dog next time and gives it a bit of a nasty nip on the ear, who is going to wind up getting the blame? The magpie or the irresponsible owner who chooses not to control their dog?”

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