Many choices at Bellarine Memories

Bellarine Memories' Julie welcomes clients to explore their many options.

A large, extra-hot, double-shot, decaf soy latte?
Or maybe a just long black, or even a short macchiato?
How often do you stop and think about how you like to order your coffee?
So many choices and variations these days – we are all so different, and all have our own peculiarities with coffee – so why not with funerals?
Here at Bellarine Memories, every day we meet people, those who are trying to organise a funeral for a recently passed loved one or even those who are pre-arranging a funeral for themselves.
And every day we hear different needs, requests, and wishes, each making up that distinctive individual service just the way it would reflect the individual life lived.
So next time you ponder how you will have your next coffee think about whether your funeral choices are as well thought about and as individual as your coffee.
Contact Bellarine Memories us on 5255 5500 if you would like to discuss your options.