What a way to relax


WHAT’S not to love about St Leonards?
In a world that’s spinning at ever increasing speeds, the gorgeous coastal hamlet of St Leonards takes you back to simpler times – sand, sea, a smile in the street – completely devoid of the hustle and bustle that tends to dominate our lives, it is a relative oasis of what we once took for granted.
Visit St Leonards and you feel young again – or it’s a town where childhood memories will be made.
Whether relaxing with a drink in the St Leonards Hotel, sipping coffee with friends at one of the eateries on the shopping strip, taking the boat out for a day on the bay, building sand castles, splashing in the ocean or going for a walk on the beach, St Leonards is a town designed for a much desired laid-back lifestyle – and some are even lucky enough to live there.
During summer, the expansive camping grounds along the St Leonards/Indented Head shoreline make it a haven for holidaymakers.
Campers arrive in droves with caravans and tents at the ready, preparing themselves to do as little as possible for as long as possible.
Beach cricket, swimming off the pier, fishing until dusk, playing tennis, laying on a towel reading a book, licking a lemonade icy-pole, cracking a beer – coastal leisure personified.
Due to its timeless appeal, St Leonards became well known as one of the backdrops for the hit ABC television series Seachange; the most recognisable inclusion being the ‘local pub’ which boasts a magnificent beer garden with views of the bay and local pier … maybe pretend you are ‘Diver Dan’ for a while …
The towns have excellent sporting amenities such as a golf course, tennis club, bowling club and yacht club. The St Leonards Yacht Club and Motor Squadron is located on Lower Bluff Road with its members regularly competing in local races.
St Leonards Golf Club on Blanche Street boasts 18 holes lined with tea-trees and gums.
St Leonards is surrounded by a salt marsh wildlife reserve boasting a plethora of birdlife.
South of St Leonards is Swan Bay, a breeding ground for many species of fish and home to Duck Island which is part of the Port Phillip Marine National Park.
Make sure you visit The Fig Tree Store, LJ Hooker – St Leonards and the St Leonards Hotel.