Doing the dirty on our dunes

Rubbish collected by Barwon Coast on 24 May. 154722

BARWON Coast workers again cleaned up after inconsiderate revellers this month, collecting a whopping 53 bags of rubbish in just 100 metres of dunes.
A dozen workers and Green Army volunteers picked up the rubbish between Main Beach and RAAFs on 24 May.
Barwon Coast general manager Gary McPike said litter and waste management was a major cost for his organisation.
“It would be in the order of tens of thousands of dollars,” he said.
“It’s just a never-ending problem for us.”
Mr McPike said the majority of the rubbish consisted of empty bottles and cans. He said Barwon Coast was regularly cleaning up rubbish west of Main Beach.
“We’ve identified it as a hotspot,” he said.
“It’s where the young ones are going to party.”
Mr McPike said he hoped increased publicity about the littering would motivate residents to prevent this behaviour at local beaches.