Stunning tribute to a rock diva

Fabio Cattafi stars in A Night With Tina. (Supplied)

Through his 35-year career, dancer and drag performer Fabio Cattafi has performed with some of the biggest names in showbiz, but to him Tina Turner has always been, simply, the best.

For nearly all of his career Cattafi has paid homage to the Queen of Rock n’ Roll through his drag tribute extravaganza A Night With Tina, which he brings to the Potato Shed next month.

“The first time was 17; I did it for a gay dance party at Festival Hall for 10,000 people,” Cattafi said.

“I had eight dancers, there were about a hundred volunteers, it was a massive show. So I’ve done it all my life, on and off.

“The first time I saw her on TV, what stood out to me was her energy, her uniqueness and her power. It was fabulous, I loved it.”

Throughout his dancing career Cattafi has worked with Disney and the Australian Opera, performed on many Australian television shows, and has theatre credits with shows such as Happy Days and the Wizard of Oz.

He said performing, especially as Tina, was the thing that most made him feel alive.

“Tina’s so passionate and full-on, and I love her music, so when I’m Tina I can be… this totally extroverted, different person,” he said.

“It’s also connecting with the audience and uplifting them. Having that moment of understanding that it’s not really about you as a performer, it’s about the audience and making them feel good.

“When they’re up dancing, doing the Nut Bush and Proud Mary, I think it’s joyous for them.”

The two-hour tribute chronicles Turner’s musical life, taking the audience on a journey through the decades of her career in a high-energy visual spectacular.

“Tina Turner has been a massive inspiration for me,” Cattafi said.

“I’m a massive fan and I have taken that and turned it into a show. There’s myself, there are six dancers, it’s full production.

“It’s very fast-paced too, there are no lulls in the show, it’s just go, go, go.”

A Night With Tina comes to the Potato Shed on Friday, April 5.