Volunteer aims to deliver

Cindy Murnane will travel to Thailand to volunteer as a midwife. 150668


OCEAN Grove’s Cindy Murnane will bring new life into the world this month, travelling to Thailand to volunteer as a midwife.
The 19-year-old completed her first year of a Bachelor of Midwifery and Nursing at Deakin University last year.
It’s a path she chose early on in high school, and, after delivering five babies at her last work-placement, she’s sure it’s her calling.
“Being able to bring the baby up to the mother is an amazing experience,” she said.
“I think it’s incredible how women let you into the biggest part of their life.”
Cindy’s said it was her Year 12 health classes at Christian College that inspired her to volunteer overseas.
Her teacher would show the class videos of health conditions in disadvantaged communities, some of which only had one GP.
“I thought I could be that one person who could help,” she said.
Cindy is raising $5607 to travel to the Thai city of Phitsanulok on 20 March, to volunteer at its local hospital.
Along with helping the disadvantaged, Cindy said her trip would help her become a better midwife.
“It’s just learning to be a midwife differently,” she said.
Cindy will sell passionfruit yoyo biscuits at the Rotary Ocean Grove Summer Market this Sunday, made by her parents Carol and Paul.
“They’re both chefs so it’s their way of contributing to the trip,” she said.
Cindy will volunteer through Gap Medics – a company that organises placements for medical students in disadvantaged areas overseas. Gap Medics does not fund expenses.
For more information or to support Cindy search Cindy Murnane at www.fundmytravel.com