High way to stunning shots

Barwon Heads, taken by Jeff Brooks.

It seems just about anyone can take a good picture these days.
However with World Photography Day, Saturday 19 August, just gone perhaps for some things only the best photographers should step forward.
Barwon Heads based Great Ocean Air owner Jeff Brooks has taken his love of photography and flight to the sky – shooting images from more than 1000 feet above sea level and said many factors affected the quality of his images.
“One of my popular shots is of the reflection of cloud on the Barwon River,” he said.
“The sun was actually below the horizon at that time. So that shot only worked because there were no disturbances in the high cloud or on the water surface to stop the sunlight bouncing from the cloud, to the river and into my camera lens. I also only had about 20 seconds to take the picture as we flew above it.”
To counter the unpredictable nature of his subjects Mr Brooks said he would fly over certain points of interest hundreds of times.
Mr Brooks said it also paid to be an early bird with some of his best work coming from shoots which happened before sunrise.
And despite the finicky nature of taking photographs from way up high Mr Brooks said he was lucky to be based on the Bellarine Peninsula.
“Geelong and the Bellarine and Surf Coast offers a rich environment of scenery which looks fantastic from the air,” he said.
“Most people don’t appreciate what it has to offer until they see it.”