Building a solid reputation

Isaac Lynch with his haul of trophies and medals from his recent competition. 166433

By Justin Flynn

Isaac Lynch was being bullied at school and decided to do something about it.
The now 19-year-old hit the gym at age 15 and within a year, the bullying stopped.
Five years on, the Ocean Grover has just been crowned the ICN Men’s Physique Competition Under 21 winner and also took first place in the Arnold Model Search.
“The bullying started when I was 15 so I jumped into the gym,” he said.
“The bullying stopped after a while and I decided to go on with it. I was probably 45kg soaking wet at the time and was copping a hard time. I was your typical skinny kid. It took a year until the bullies saw that I wasn’t so small anymore.”
Isaac’s first proper competition was met some trepidation at first, but was a resounding success. It means he will get the opportunity for photo shoots and grow his profile.
While Isaac is technically a bodybuilder, he competes for physique rather than just ultra-huge muscles. Judges are looking at a small waist, wide shoulders and a more ‘natural looking’ body.
Isaac is also completely drug free.
The web designer at Wallington’s WRG knows his training regime inside out.
“To be honest, I’ve studied more about this than I ever did at school,” he said.
“There’s no substitute for good training and a good diet.”
The former Christian College student’s goal is to get a sponsorship. He estimates he spends around $200 a month on supplements and a sponsorship can help alleviate the excessive costs.
Isaac works out daily and while exercise can be a chore for some, it’s not the case for him.
“It’s the best part of the day,” he said.
Isaac got to meet the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger at the competition.
In fact, he got to present an award to him on stage.
“It was awesome – it was all very quick due to security, but he was very cool and collected and happy to take a photo with me regardless of his security rushing around,” he said.