Cam’s steel resolve

Cam Spolding will compete in his first Ironman to help raise awareness for brain cancer. 166148

By Justin Flynn

Cam Spolding knows that his first Ironman event will put his body through something that he has never experienced before, but also that it’s nothing compared to what his father, Norm, is preparing for.
Norm was diagnosed with brain cancer last October, and is undergoing treatment for what is his biggest battle.
And that’s why Cam, 38, an avid runner and swimmer, decided to do the Ironman, to raise funds and awareness for this despicable disease.
“I have no understanding of what it will be like for me, when I’m out there, but I’ve honestly never made this about me,” the Wallington resident said.
“For me, this race became the vehicle for putting it out there. The driving force is to do it for him. I have a reason for wanting to succeed. That motivation to do something and raise awareness is what drives me. It’s got nothing to do with me – it all reflects on the type of person he is.”
Spolding’s Ironman debut (a 3.86km swim, followed by a 180.25km bike ride and finishing with a 40.2km run) will be at Port Macquarie on 7 May, and he is busy training full-time for the event under the tutelage of Kate Bramley from Geelong Performance Coaching.
Norm and Cam’s mother Marilyn are heading up for the event.
“It’s great that I will be able to share that moment with them,” he said.
“I’m not the type of person to put my private life out there. I’m not an emotional person either. But sometimes you have to do things like this to help others out. Dad has always said that if this helps just one person, then it’s all worth it.”
Spolding is no stranger to marathon running and has competed in the Lorne Pier to Pub, but a full Ironman is a foreign concept to him, and he is not sure whether he will be bitten by the triathlon bug.
“My wife hopes not,” he said.
However, the long hours of training are worth it, Cam said, and he has the full backing of his family.
“I’m just so lucky for the support of my wife and my family – they have been amazing,” he said.
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