Nicholas Steel – Rise Up Australia

Corangamite counts down
JOBS and the high cost of living are the most important issues for Ocean Grove. There are signs that the economy and job market in the region have collapsed. Increasing numbers of empty shops and a growing army of jobless at the Centrelink are a worrying testimony to this. These signs have worsened under the current government.
Manufacturing is a crucial mass employer but is relocating to low wage nations due to ever-reducing tariffs. Both major parties have identical bipartisan policies of tariff reductions. The cost of living is the world’s highest due to a huge increase in our population from middle class immigration that has not been met by an adequate release of land for new housing. These areas are also governed by bipartisan polices.
Many in Ocean Grove are set to lose their jobs but will still be faced with huge costs especially mortgages and rents which they simply will not be able to pay. It’s then they notice how strong the laws are regarding asset seizures by the banks, the tax office and the council. They are being squeezed in a three-way vice and denied a choice by policies that are never discussed.

What will you do to prevent burglaries and improve safety in Ocean Grove?
The obvious solution is to make a generous grant for a comprehensive installation of a CCTV network and a contract for the provision of private security. Unfortunately policing is largely a State issue but these are worthy substitutes. Joblessness in Geelong and the damage it does to the community lie at the heart of this problem.

What will you do to make housing more affordable and what will you do to ensure Ocean Grove is developed in line with resident’s expectations?
Housing is at unaffordable levels due to an enormous increase in Australia’s population as a result of middle class immigration with an inadequate release of land for new housing by State Governments. This is deliberate and reflects the dominance of property developers within the major parties. The only solution to this is for a new breed of politician to emerge and challenge the major parties.

What will you do to support and guide the growth of Ocean Grove?
Clearly money needs to be earmarked for Ocean Gove infrastructure. The issue here is always how do you obtain more tax revenue from shrinking tax base? A debit or financial transactions tax common to many Western nations is a sound method. You simply set a low flat rate tax on corporate bank accounts pertaining to share transactions, commodity trading, etc. Once more tax revenue becomes available the debate then shifts to where it is best spent.

How will you protect Ocean Grove’s environment?
The town of Point Lonsdale has shown the way. Their dunes and surrounding woodlands have a protected status often in the form of national parks.