Stuart takes the next step

Stuart Sommerville is getting ready for the Eureka Climb. 155520

By Justin Flynn

STUART Somerville reckons the Eureka Climb may well be the clincher in catching the bug for stair climbing.
The Ocean Grover will compete in the challenge on 13 November when he tackles the 1642 steps of Australia’s second-tallest building. Stuart also competed in the Stadium Stomp at the MCG in June.
Not even a holiday in Vietnam stopped Stuart from training for the Eureka Climb.
“A bug for stair climbing? We’ll see how I go after Eureka, but most likely yes,” he told the Voice from Vietnam.
“After the MCG Stomp was completed, I was motivated for another challenge so now it’s onto the Eureka.”
The Eureka Climb is a gruelling event which competitors run up one of the world’s tallest residential buildings. The event raises funds for Interplast and Whitelion, which are both committed to helping disadvantaged people.
“In Hanoi, I was able to do a few stairwells, in Sapa it was a 12km trek through mountains, which was a good strength workout and in Hoi An, which was very hot, I was walking about 7km early every morning and bike riding,” Stuart said.
Stuart said he handled the MCG Stomp well, although it wasn’t easy.
“It was difficult, but after about 3000 steps your body gets tuned in,” he said.
“Overall I felt strong when finished. I learned not go as hard early and pace myself.”
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