Kids craft with attention to detail

Tamara Bell has a passion for teaching kids art. Pictures: HANNAH TYRELL ILLUSTRATION AND DESIGN

TAMARA Bell, architect and creative behind the newly established MAKE Art Room, ran a series of architecturally inspired art and design workshops for children these holidays at her new studio in the heart of Ocean Grove.
From her background as a practicing architect, Tamara has long harboured a passion for bringing high quality design to everyday facets of life. Whether working on architectural projects large and small, or tutoring and lecturing at Deakin University, Tamara has always loved the process of design and the physical act of making things.
It is this passion that has led her to establish a studio aimed at igniting and nurturing creativity in kids of all ages.
“Children have an in-built curiosity and desire to explore, and at MAKE Art Room we will encourage them to engage their imagination and innate artistic skills and to translate their ideas into reality. And have fun.” Tamara said.
Make Art Room will be a space where children are given the chance to explore, create and most of all, make.
“We take principles of architecture and apply them in fun and practical ways to small scale art projects which aim to develop and broaden kids’ understanding of structure, form, pattern, light, colour, texture and how different materials go together”, Tamara explains.
“Learning to see the world in this way can open up young minds to new possibilities and new ways of understanding, appreciating and engaging with their environment.”
The beauty of MAKE Art Room’s unique setting on the Bellarine Peninsula will form an integral part of the program. Discovering natural materials, and working with recycled, repurposed and found objects connect the lessons to the natural world and foster an appreciation of environment. Nature is often the greatest teacher and classes will explore how the natural world can inform all aspects of design.
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