Singing in a way that only family can

Bellarine sibling duo Daniel and Lucy Crock have released their debut single. (supplied)

A Bellarine sibling duo is channelling their love of storytelling and smooth vocal tones in a new song about growing up.

Wild Honey is the indie-folk and pop project of Daniel and Lucy Crock, who released their debut single Where I’m From on March 15.

Daniel lives in Melbourne and plans to return to the Bellarine to be closer to his older sister. He said it felt “slightly surreal” to release a song in “ode to our influences”.

“We’ve been playing music together since we were kids and when we were teenagers, we would write songs and play together in our lounge room,” he said.

“Now we live a few hours apart, and we’re busier. We still bicker like siblings, but we also understand each other and our music in a way that I think only family can.

“Because we’re siblings, we’re very comfortable around each other which means that we both just say what we want, so that can be a challenge, but it is pretty fun as well.”

Bellarine-based Lucy said the siblings loved singing stories that felt significant, which was the drawcard of folk music for them.

“We wrote Where I’m From a few years ago, reflecting on what it would feel like to look back after everything changes, after all the unsettling of our early twenties,” she said.

“It means even more to us now. Once you’ve grown up a bit, it can give you perspective on the things you used to take for granted. We live a few hours apart now, and we’re a lot busier.

“The things that used to feel normal feel nostalgic and sentimental, things like singing with your siblings…and in Where I’m From, we’ve tried to capture that feeling of the years moving quickly.”