Daniel Champagne returns after hiatus

Daniel Champagne is coming back to Geelong to perform his new album, The Pursuit, at the Geelong Arts Centre. (Supplied)

Daniel Champagne is returning to Geelong for the first time in four years for a one-night show centred around the acoustic guitar.

The New South Wales singer-songwriter and guitarist will tour Australia to promote his new album, The Pursuit, which will see him stop off at the Geelong Arts Centre at 7.30pm on January 25.

Daniel, 34, said he hadn’t played in Geelong since COVID and was looking forward to bringing his show to the region.

“My favourite thing about the album is that it’s very real, because this album is just me and my guitar,” he said.

“I’m enjoying having this tour back in Australia, and I’m excited to be down in Victoria and to play Geelong.

“This is my first time at the Geelong Arts Centre and I’m looking forward to being there, seeing the place, and meeting everybody.”

Daniel said he had been playing guitar since he was a kid, touring since he was 18, and had recorded all the songs on the new album in one day at a studio in Brisbane.

“Music is a personal thing for me. I like sitting on the veranda or in my bedroom just playing guitar for myself, and it’s also a good way to connect with other humans,” he said.

“People love music, and I can see people coming into shows looking a bit unhappy or stressed, and then when I see them leaving, they’re a bit more relaxed and happier, so I think it’s a cool thing.”

Tickets to see Daniel perform his new album, The Pursuit in Geelong, are available on the Geelong Arts Centre website for $39.