Eight bus shelters upgraded

Eight bus shelters have received upgrades including the renewed bus shelter at 56 Mt Pleasant Road in Belmont. (Supplied)

Eight bus shelters have been upgraded across Geelong and Ocean Grove as part of a City of Greater Geelong investment.

The $500,000 2022/23 Bus Shelter Renewal Program initiative looked to create a more accessible, environmentally friendly and efficient public transportation network.

Mayor Trent Sullivan said the initiative aligned with council’s Our Community’s Clever and Creative Future vision and looked to encourage more people to use the bus system.

He also said the vision aimed to see 50 per cent of the community’s journeys to work be made by public transport, walking or bicycling by 2047.

“We want to improve the facilities across Geelong’s bus stops, to help make the public transport system more attractive and accessible to potential users,” he said.

The program saw three bus shelters in Corio upgraded at 26 and 210 Bacchus Marsh Road and 20 Plantation Road.

Other bus shelters included 30 Presidents Avenue in Ocean Grove, 100 West Fyans Street in Newtown, 2A Rennie Street in Lara, 56 Mt Pleasant Road in Belmont, and 220 St Albans Road in Breakwater.

The program featured the installation of new concrete hardstands, footpath ramps, kerb and channel upgrades, tactile ground surface indicators, and solar-powered lighting.

Councillor Ron Nelson said the investment underscored the City’s commitment to creating a modern and inclusive public transportation network.

“The new lighting, directional aids and footpath ramps will ensure that all users will be safer when they are getting onto or off the bus at these stops,” he said.

The enhancements were also designed to meet the Disability Discrimination Act requirements and the Department of Transport and Planning Standards for bus stops to ensure universal accessibility.

Council will deliver its bus shelter program again in 2023/24.