Snakes are about

A copperhead snake. 148974

BARWON Coast is asking beachgoers to stay clear of dunes and keep their distance from the region’s copperhead snakes.
“At present the lowland copperhead snake is quite active during its breeding season which is January to March,” said Barwon Coast’s Maddie Glynn.
“Copperheads live all through our coastal reserves and are venomous but shy snakes that prefer to be left alone.”
The Voice has received several calls over summer relating to snake sightings and near-misses.
Copperheads grow 1-1.5m in length, are active day and night, and are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975.
Maddie said the dunes were critical feeding and breeding grounds for many other native animals.
“Just as people are dependent on each other, the dunes and the oceans work in the same manner,” she said.
“So next time you come to the beach show some respect for these amazing animals and please stay out of the dunes.”