Intersection to light up


VICROADS will begin the construction of traffic lights on the Marlin Drive and Tuckfield Street intersection next month.
Regional director Mark Koliba said VicRoads had planned to begin construction this month, but “due to unforeseen circumstances” had postponed it until mid or late March.
Mr Koliba said the lights would improve traffic flow through the intersection and provide a safer pedestrian crossing.
“Some disruption to road users may occur during the works, however VicRoads will endeavour to minimise any impacts,” he said.
VicRoads has an agreement with the council to replace each tree removed (Bellarine Yellow Gum) with a mature tree of the same variety.
They will not plant the trees until Autumn 2016 for the best survival rate.
VicRoads is upgrading the intersection with funds from the Better Roads Victoria program.
Powercor and City of Greater Geelong completed inspections of the site earlier this month.