No butts about it

Maddie Glynn from Barwon Coast, Julie Barr and Jane Morrow from Coastcare, Madison Cassie from DELWP and Margot Busch from OGCC. (supplied)

Ocean Grove Coastcare installed five cigarette butt bins in local locations last year.

The bins were left plain for the first six months and then had stickers applied to increase their visibility.

The stickers have a local message, highlighting the connection between toxic cigarette litter and the coastal and marine environment. The image, of a local seabird, the Australasian gannet is one of the ‘hero species’ from the Bellarine Catchment Network litter campaign.

Once a month, since the bins were installed volunteers have been collecting and counting butt litter on the ground near each bin, and collecting and counting butts that make it into the bins as a comparison. The ground is winning so far:

Butt tally – October 2021 to April 2022

Guthridge St carpark, Ocean Grove – 1600 litter, 54 in bin

Terraced grass area, Ocean Grove main beach – 310 litter, 184 in bin

Rotunda at 14W Ocean Grove – 550 litter, 115 in bin

Barwon Bluff car park, Barwon Heads – 210 litter, 88 in bin

Coastcare will continue its monthly ground counts, and check the bins again in six months.