Artwork torched

Brendon Lukin and Glenda Raimondo, from Sensuri Alpacas, led the Mountain to Mouth through Drysdale. 153936_01


MOUNTAIN to Mouth came to a spectacular end at Barwon Heads this weekend with the burning of its centrepiece artwork – Canoe.
Ocean Grove’s Tara Lynch said the burning symbolised the completion of its journey carrying water from the You Yangs to Barwon River.
“Once the Canoe has done its job its time to say goodbye,” she said.
Tara was involved the extreme arts walk from start to finish, performing in both the opening and closing ceremonies.
She was perched on Big Rock as a “spirit bird” on May 6, watching over the collection of water.
“It was pretty windy up there,” she said.
“I thought I’d better not spread my wings or I might fly to Avalon,” she said.
Canoe then passed through Geelong and several locations on the Bellarine.
Wallington’s Brendon Lukin took his herd of alpacas out to walk with Canoe as it passed Drysdale Station, in celebration of National Alpaca Week.
“Everyone wanted to take photos with the alpacas,” he said.
Hundreds were at Ocean Grove Main Beach as Canoe approached Suyin Honeywell’s installation, “Beacon of Hope”.
Ocean Grove Primary School students contributed their own artistic touch, with dreamcatchers lining a fence in front of Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club (OGSLSC).
Canoe then embarked on its second-last leg to Barwon Heads on the shoulders of OGSLSC members, trailed by flag bearers and scores of spectators.
Thousands gathered near in Barwon Heads, as Mouth to Mountain ended with flashing lights, didgeridoos and violins.
Tara returned as a spirit bird for the ceremony, meeting with a male spirit bird. Together they “created” an egg, from which a “baby” spirit bird emerged.
The baby bird then emptied the conch of water from the You Yangs into the Barwon River, completing the ceremony.
Tara was delighted to hear the interpretations of people – young and old – of Mountain to Mouth’s art and ceremonies.
“That’s what art is all about,” she said.
“It was an awesome event to have in our area.”