Junior in form early

Jorja Connellan looks to pass to a teammate. (Jamie Cullum) 179441

Round 1 vs Portarlington
Overall it was a very successful first round for the Ocean Grove junior teams.
They managed to secure five wins with all teams showing a lot of promise for the upcoming season.
13/1 – Started off the game with a great first quarter but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with Portarlington and ended up going down by 22 goals.
Best: Team Effort
13/2 – A convincing win for these girls on the weekend, starting well and kept getting better as the game went on. They were able to shut Portarlington down from the beginning.
Best: Georgie Connolly, Lily Hallam, Maya Hamilton.
15/1 – A fantastic start to the season with a big win over Portarlington. They took control of the game from the beginning and continued to increase their lead over Port throughout the game, taking it by 42 goals.
Best: Anabelle Sargeant, Amelia Cunningham, Emma Badrock
15/2 – The U15 girls showed a lot of promise in their win against Portarlington. They took the lead early and managed to stop Portarlington from scoring at all after quarter time as they continued to increase their margin.
Best: Lily Molloy, Grace Hamilton, Rylee Finlay
17/1 – A fantastic first game for the U17 girls. They took the win over Portarlington very easily and proved that they will be a strong team this season. It was a great show by the whole team.
Best: Team Effort
17/2 – It was a nailbiter of a game which went right down to the wire for the U17/2 girls. They pulled together their best efforts and were able to secure the win by one goal after coming in to the final quarter with a two-goal lead. A very commendable effort by the whole team.
Best: Taylah Jeffrey, Jaspa Wilding, Monet New.
– Emma Badrock

Round 2
Ocean Grove 21 def Geelong Amateur 19. Best: Rachel Mercer, Emma Simpson, Milly Dodds.
17U Section 1: Ocean Grove 37 def Geelong Amateur 16: Best: Elli Campbell, Madeleine Crothers, Jessie Allen.
17U Section 2: Ocean Grove 14 def by Geelong Amateur 19: Best: Jorja Connellan, Taylah Jeffrey, Monet New.
15U Section 1: Ocean Grove 21 def Geelong Amateur 19. Best: Jordan Coad, Charli Duckett, Annabelle Soppitt.
15U Section 2: Ocean Grove 37 def Portarlington 1. Best: not supllied
13U Section 1: Ocean Grove 3 def by Geelong Amateur 21. Best: Chloe Jeffrey, Evie Hines, Lexie Annand.
13U Section 2: Ocean Grove 13 def Geelong Amateur 8. Best: not supplied.