Preschool in search for historical nuggets

Ocean Grove Preschool teachers Heather Gubbins and Diane Gardner. 151107

OCEAN Grove Preschool is searching for pieces of its history as it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
Teacher Diane Gardner is leading the search for class photos and former students, in time for celebrations in September.
“We would love to have a photograph from every year on display when we hold our special weekend,” she said.
“We’ve already received several class photos, including one from 1968.”
Thousands of families have gone through the preschool over the years.
“We would love for as many people to come back for celebration as possible,” Diane said.
A lot has changed at the preschool since it opened in 1965. Builders will soon begin a $100,000 revamp of the preschool’s playground, funded entirely by the preschool’s fund-raisers.
Yet some things haven’t changed at all.
“We’ve still got an original set of chairs that were hand-made by a local person in the 1960s,” Diane said.