Lorne welcomes extra crew

Lorne Summer Crew members Bellbrae's Eric Messer, Belmont's Nick Wojcik, Highton's Aidan Stary and Ocean Grove's Jayden Harrison-Roberts. (Supplied)

Lorne has welcomed more firefighting volunteers during a peak holiday time to help operate the fire station.

Close to 30 country fire authority (CFA) members from around the state joined the Lorne Summer Crew on Boxing Day, which will conclude on January 15 with a Pier to Pub event weekend.

CFA Commander Wayne Aylmer said Lorne’s population grew from around 1400 to 20,000 during Summer, with volunteers coming to help the brigade keep locals and tourists safe.

“We sell the message have a day out, go for a walk, bring a family member, do what you like but just be available on the truck when it’s needed,” he said.

Mr Aylmer said the extra crew were “invaluable” and gave the brigade “viability” while allowing CFA members from different brigades to work together.

“The brigade members say we can run the brigade for 50 weeks of the year, but during the other two, we need extra volunteers to help out,” he said.

“For some Lorne volunteers, the two weeks over the holiday period is the bulk of their income, so being able to continue working in their business is vital.

“You could have a member from Bannockburn working with someone from Highton. They probably wouldn’t cross paths all that often in the district.”

The extra volunteers assist the Lorne brigade with urban response and day-to-day incidents, providing the station with much-needed support to meet increased demand.